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(Last Updated On: March 7, 2019)

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EasyAzon Review – Amazon WordPress Any Good?
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EasyAzon ReviewName:  EasyAzon
Price: $47 & $67
Owners: Chris Guthrie
Website: www.easyazon.com

EasyAzon is a solid Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin.  I’ve used it on a handful of websites I have developed.  If you develop Amazon affiliate websites it’s certainly a must have WordPress plugin.


There are a ton of WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins out there to choose from. Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs online. So, if you are developing Amazon affiliate sites it’s a matter of time before you might find yourself interested in purchasing a premium Amazon plugin. Don’t get me wrong there is a free version of EasyAzon which does come with some limitations. But, in this EasyAzon review, I am going to be discussing the premium version of this plugin.

This plugin has been referred to as EasyAzon 4 so if you see it referred to as that it’s the same plugin.

Here is a short video I made on the WordPress plugin:

Here’s a quick overview of what you will find in this EasyAzon review:

EasyAzon Pros

  • Frequently updated.
  • One-time payment.
  • Search for Amazon products inside WordPress dashboard.
  • Multiple types of Amazon affiliate links.
  • Localization.
  • Add to cart option (longer cookie).
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Easy to understand video walkthroughs.

EasyAzon Cons

  • Some minor bugs
  • 2 upsells.
  • Sometimes there are delays with support or can’t help.

Who Is EasyAzon For

Anyone that is an Amazon affiliate is who EasyAzon is for. If you’re a web designer, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur there is a good chance that you’re probably looking for a plugin that makes it easy to insert Amazon affiliate links on your website. Free Amazon plugins are great, but this premium one has a lot of advanced features that make monetizing a WordPress website much easier.

An Inside Look At EasyAzon

Once you download and activate the EasyAzon plugin you can now start using this plugin on your WordPress website.

Sign Up For Amazon Affiliate Account

EasyAzon Credentials

I do need to mention that you need to sign up for an Amazon Associates account. It doesn’t hurt to have some knowledge of how the Amazon affiliate program works. It really is one of the best affiliate programs to get in, though. Basically, you’re going to need to verify your Amazon account. You’re going to want to enter your “Access Key ID” and “Secret Access Key”.

Here is a quick video walkthrough link that shows you all the steps you’re going to need with EasyAzon.

Amazon Associates

EasyAzon Tracking

Next, you’re going to want to put in your tracking code from your Amazon affiliate account. An example of this will be something like xxxxxxxxx-20. To find this you’re going to click on your email address in the top right. Then, click on “Managed your tracking ID’s.”.

Always keep your tracking ID’s separate for every website you create. This will make it easy for you to show which sites are making you Amazon affiliate commissions.

In the free version, you can only use one tracking ID. For instance, you can only use the “United States” tracking ID. Therefore, if you have visitors from other countries you could also add in their unique tracking ID.

Here is a list of the countries you can add tracking to:

  • United States.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • China.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • India.
  • Italy.
  • Japan.
  • Spain.
  • United Kingdom.

Search Tab

The search tab will allow you to specify which country you want to use as your default. For me, I use the United States because I am located in the United States and develop websites that appeal to people in the country I live in.


Here you can set up how you want your defaults to be configured. Meaning, when we insert our affiliate links on our website these will be our default settings.

You can adjust the following:

  • Open in new window.
  • No follow your links.
  • Add to cart. This makes the cookie 89 days when they add the product to their cart. The standard affiliate link is a 24-hour cookie.
  • Can cloak affiliate links.
  • Product popups.
  • Info block temples (images and prices) or (attributes).

Link Localization

You might want to join Amazon’s affiliate program that are in different countries. For instance, if you check your Google Analytics and notice that you’re getting a lot of clicks from the United Kingdom. You can easily join Amazon’s UK affiliate program and put in your tracking code for the correct country.

Inserting EasyAzon Into Our Post or Pages

EasyAzon ButtonThere is an icon within your WordPress post or pages. It will show a little EasyAzon button. When you click on it there will be a box that pops up. This box will allow you to search for products on Amazon.

EasyAzon Links

Then, you can insert the products into your website as a:

  • Text link. This is a text link that you can use for your affiliate links. It’s the only option available for the free version.
  • Image Link. This is an image link. It allows you to use an image link. It can be various sizes and pulls the images straight from Amazon. Therefore, you don’t have to download any images and upload them to your WordPress media file. This is a huge time saver. Not to mention it links directly to the Amazon affiliate product.
  • CTA Link. This is a “call to action” button. There are various styles you can choose from. It’s an Amazon button with a “buy it now” button.
  • Info Box. This is a box with the product, title, and the prices of the product on Amazon.

EasyAzon Shortcode

After you insert any of the 4 mentioned Amazon affiliate links the plugin will insert a shortcode that looks something like the above.

EasyAzon Popups

One thing I don’t like about EasyAzon is popups don’t look good on many links I have created. Therefore, I just go to my default settings and disable them. This has been a known issue which many people have addressed on various websites.

Add To Cart

In theory, the “add to cart” option sounds like a great idea. The cookie for Amazon affiliate commissions is a 24-hour cookie. Meaning that if someone clicks on your link and completes a purchase you will get a sale for it.

The add to cart feature adds it directly to their cart and you will get credit for a sale if they purchase the product in the next 89 days. This is a good idea, but lots of people like to go to the product page and read a little more about it rather than just adding it to their cart and buying the product.

I don’t typically use this feature for Amazon affiliate websites I create, though.

So, the below screenshot is an example of how EasyAzon will look if you’re using the info box:

EasyAzon Frontend

As you can see it seamlessly inserts my affiliate product in my post.

How Is EasyAzon’s Customer Support

Let’s face it sometimes we just need help with plugins that we purchase.

EasyAzon does have customer support for their plugin. All EasyAzon’s customer support is handled through a support ticket. I have only contacted them a couple times. Typically, it does take 12 hours or so to get a response from them.

However, there are other similar reviews on the internet that show concerns with EasyAzon’s customer support. For instance, the popup that doesn’t work correctly on some WordPress themes. People have stated that support doesn’t really help much in resolving that bug. Typically, just tells you to switch themes or doesn’t really assist you.

From my experience with the support, I have had good experiences with them. They always help troubleshoot my problems and even have a knowledge-base where you can get your answers resolved.

Please see these other reviews on EasyAzon I found, too:

EasyAzon Prices

Now comes the time when you want to know what is the price of this WordPress plugin.

One thing that has always been a pain in the web development world is monthly or yearly prices. As a web designer, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, or whatever you like to call yourself. The less monthly or yearly expenses you need to pay the better.

Thankfully, EasyAzon does have a one-time payment price. Meaning, you pay for the WordPress plugin once and then you never have to pay for it again. This makes this WordPress plugin very appealing to me. I’m in the business of buying and selling websites. So, a plugin that I can install and use on as many websites as I want is a huge plus.

EasyAzon Prices

The above screenshot shows you the prices of EasyAzon. The $67 version lets you install it on as many websites as you want. Therefore, I would highly recommend you pay the extra $20.

Final Thoughts

Do I recommend EasyAzon? Yes. I like how easy the plugin is to use. It’s a huge time saver and adding Amazon affiliate links in manually would be a tedious task without this plugin.

It’s a very easy plugin that you can easily insert your tracking ID (the new owner can put their tracking in quickly) If you ever decide to sell the website it’s developed with a GPL license. Which means you can freely distribute it on other websites for sale. This will help increase the value of a website you are selling.

You don’t ever have to leave your WordPress dashboard to look for new products and can easily localize your affiliate links. They go to the correct Amazon website depending on the country they are in.

There are a couple of quirks like the popup features doesn’t work correctly with some WordPress themes. I don’t use the “add to cart” feature, and customer support can sometimes take a bit to reply to your questions.

Lastly, click here if you want to check out EasyAzon and start taking advantage of this awesome Amazon affiliate plugin.

I would like to hear from you if you have used EasyAzon in the past. This EasyAzon review gets stronger the more people that leave comments about their experience with the plugin. However, if you have a question that is not answered in this article please also leave a question down below.


Garen Arnold has been designing websites for a decade now. He sold his 8-year-old affiliate marketing niche site and founded SellWebsite.co to show people how to buy/sell websites and domains.

28 thoughts on “EasyAzon Review – Amazon WordPress Any Good?”

  1. Wow, you made it so easy to understand. I could really benefit from having this and I know others who might want this as well. It would be a huge time saver for me since I am still new to the industry.

    • Yes, this plugin EasyAzon certainly is a time saver and is highly worth the “one-time” investment if you create Amazon affiliate niche websites.

  2. nice concise article. that one-time payment thing is also a plus! I sometimes don’t realize it’s recurring until after I paid…. some plugins don’t make it obvious!

    • Yeah, a lot of WordPress plugins are not all that transparent about how they do their billing. For instance, there is usually some fine print that reads, “this plugin is only good for 1 year of updates. After that, you will be charged for another year”.

      I really do wish more WordPress plugins would go the “one-time” route. One WordPress theme that does this is Elegant Themes, too.

  3. I do like the pop-ups, and the one time price is a huge bonus, the tracking system is also amazing, this seems like a great product and I am going to think about it a little, being as I am broke from Christmas it might have to wait for a bit, but I am definitely coming back. Great post, thanks again.

    • Let me clarify. The popups are a con with EasyAzon because with some WordPress themes they don’t show up correctly. To get around that setting I usually just deactivate it in the settings.

  4. I just got started on my site and WordPress blog. I was looking for a good Amazon plugin. There are certainly a lot of Amazon plugins to choose from. I will try the free version first to see if I like it. Then, I will upgrade to the paid version.

    • Sounds like a good strategy. Remember with the free version you can only use text links, though. But, it will give you the chance to toy around with the plugin and see if it will work for you.

  5. thanks for introducing me to this concept of building sites so that they can be sold.
    There is definitely a lot of upfront planning that can be done to make the sale a lot easier for yourself and particularly for the person buying it.
    I have heard stories about the nightmares some people go through when buying an existing website and trying to convert the sales over to a new owner.

    EasyAzon is another bow I can now add to my quiver.
    thanks for making the site and it is something I will be coming back to as I build more of my websites and get more into the world of WordPress and site-building.

    • A lot of people actually fail to realize just how much you need to plan beforehand when developing a website and selling it. It’s certainly not something that you just rush into. If you do rush into it you can expect a plethora of problems.

      EasyAzon really does make it easy for people that buy and sell websites, though. The shortcode can just be replaced with the new tracking code. Also, I like to use the find and replace feature to make the process easier.

  6. I love that this is a one-time payment and not subscription based.
    The fact that this integrates every Amazon country ID into one plugin is brilliant and worth it alone.

    Thanks for sharing this useful tool.

    • Yep, I agree you got to love one-time payment WordPress plugins. The Amazon affiliate program is certainly one of the best affiliate programs to get in. One of the most successful companies as of date.

  7. I like it. I have purchased a store that integrates my products with Amazon. But I like this one because you can track your clicks to other countries and it sends them to the Amazon platform of their respected country. Another strong factor is the images look really nice and there are other great features like the action button. I think I will add this to my arsenal. Thanks.

    • I really do love the whole business of buying and selling websites. It’s the only business I know of that you can put in 2,000 for a website and in 6 months make double that or more.

      When you sell a website to a new owner you always make it as easy on someone as you can to switch out your affiliate links with their affiliate links.

      But, yes the way you can pull images from an Amazon listing make this plugin something special. It would take forever to save images and upload them to WordPress. The localization feature is great for websites that have visitors from various countries.

  8. Excellent article. I’m just getting started in affiliate marketing. The information I picked up here is definitely worth thinking about. I plan on having several websites in the very near future. The one-time fee really makes sense. I know that Amazon may not pay the best commissions, but they’re not bad, plus the number of items available to sell is staggering. Thanks for the information.

    • I sort of agree that Amazon doesn’t pay the highest commissions. I’m mean getting 4 to 8% of sales seems to be kind of low for a lot of people. For instance, 2,000 dollars of sales only makes you $80 for the $2,000 that you have sold for Amazon. I have been in niches over the years that would pay me $185/sale to sell their products and services.

      But, Amazon is a decent affiliate program. They have thousands and thousands of products that you can easily integrate into almost any niche website you decide to do.

      But, EasyAzon is a worthwhile investment because with the $67 one-time payment you can install it on as many websites as you want. It will help increase the value of the site when you resell it too.

  9. I’m fairly new to being an Amazon affiliate but I started using their One Link service instead of Easy Azon. The only reason I was thinking of switching is because Easy Azon covers more countries, and has the Add to Cart button. But here, you’re saying you don’t like that feature. Do you think One Link makes Easy Azon obsolete? Thanks.

    • For what it’s worth I don’t feel Amazon One Link and EasyAzon are even in the same ballpark. For starters, EasyAzon is a WordPress plugin and One Link is Amazon’s tool that you can integrate the Amazon affiliate links based on a location.

      Meaning if someone clicks on a link in the United Kingdom it will go to the .co.uk Amazon site. This only works for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It doesn’t do anything for Germany, India, etc.

      You could try the Add to Cart feature, but really I just feel people like to look at the product. Really do people just click on an affiliate product and just go, “ok that’s all I need to hear; let me pay for the product.” Maybe, it’s just me, but that is the way I see it. Sure, 89 days is much better than 24 hours for a sale, though.

      But, I believe if someone is serious about buying the product they will probably do it within the next 24 hours anyway.

      Just my two cents.

      • I know Amazon One Link recently included a few more countries (some in Europe) but not all of the places where you can have an Amazon affiliate account. I’m thinking I’ll switch over to Easy Azon, I can always go back to One Link if I notice a downswing in my international traffic. On another note, when the heck is Australia Amazon getting an affiliate program.

        • Thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t aware that Amazon One Link was adding more countries to their One Link feature. To be honest with you I have used EasyAzon for so long now that I haven’t really kept all that current with One Link and what they have been doing.

          As far as Amazon in Australia I have heard that it’s going to be soon if it isn’t already rolled out yet. I did find this article on LifeHacker at: https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/11/everything-you-need-to-know-about-amazon-australia/

          It does state that Amazon has announced it will operate in Australia, too.

  10. I have just recently started using EasyAzon and for the most part, I really like it. I love how easy it is to find the products and insert a link, so ease of use is great. I also appreciate that there are a lot of image links available. Usually, Amazon only provides one image option when you use their Site Stripe. The EasyAzon plugin offers a lot of different images from what I have seen so far. The only issue I have, and you touched on this, is the customer support. I have had the exact same issue with the “Info Block” not showing the popup, as it does in the video. I contacted support and they told me it’s a bug they are aware of and will address it in an update. Oh well, I am using image links and those work great. You covered everything in this review, it is very accurate from what I have experienced.

    • I know the common bug with popups is kind of touchy. On some WordPress themes, it works great and others I can’t ever get it to work. Thankfully, I just disable the popups on themes that I can’t get it to work on, though.

      It’s certainly a “must have” for any affiliate marketer, though.

  11. Thanks for this review Garen, I am an Amazon affiliate but until recently I have not put much focus into Amazon sales. I have just recently bought a new domain for a website that I want to create solely for Amazon sales so this has come at just the right time to catch my interest in a big way.

    It is such a pity that the 90-day tracking takes readers to the check out page, I so agree with that that it is a nifty feature, but I feel more sales will be made going directly to the product?

    Tell me more about the cloaking feature – I thought that Amazon does not allow link cloaking?I can’t remember where I heard that, but I was told not to make “pretty links” using the Pretty Link plugin that I use?

    I really enjoyed watching your video, his plugin looks great and I love the fact I won’t have to leave my website and what I am doing to go search for products and links on Amazon.

    I can see how this plugin would also help my marketing efforts on my other websites too. I won’t want to flip websites though, so the $47 should be just fine for me, right?

    Would you say this is the best Amazon plugin you have used or do you recommend another one?

    • You should really consider pushing Amazon products more. It’s one of the best affiliate programs out there.

      With cloaking, this simply means that it shows the user something else. It’s not done in a manipulative way or anything like that. I’m not sure why Amazon would state that you can’t use Pretty Links. Pretty Links just helps you track what people are clicking on. But, aside from that Amazon does tracking, too.

      The $47 is good. But, the extra $20 for the ability to put it on as many sites as you want makes it really worth it. True, you may not be in the website flipping business like I am. But, there may come a day when you want to sell a website you either lost interest in or just don’t want anymore. I always put myself in the position where I can walk away from any website I want.

      So far Easy Azon is my “go to” plugin for Amazon affiliate sites. I have used WooZone and a few others over the years, but I really do like how easy Easy Azon is to use.

      • That does make sense Garen, the 3 websites I currently have now I won’t be letting go of – but the new ones I create I may just want to sell at some stage, who knows what I may want to do with them in the future!

        I’m certainly going to think about getting it as soon as I have content on my website! Thanks for the review!

  12. This is certainly one of the best WordPress plug-ins I have ever used. They could really charge more than $67 but I’m glad they don’t.

    What I typically do is buy websites that have been established for 8 to 10 months and then install this plug-in. I then write about 10 or 15 articles and in two or three months flip the site for 100% profit.

  13. Hey Garen,

    I am surprised I haven’t come across this article before. I agree with all the comments above, this post has been a huge eye-opener for me.

    First of all, you make it VERY easy to understand (thank you!). Second of all, you made me realize how useful this plugin really is.

    Recently, I decided to build an Amazon affiliate website and what I did is I would constantly go to Amazon, search for products, at the same time I had another tab open to create a unique tracking ID for that product, then go back to the original tab to copy the link with the unique tracking ID, go back to the website, then go back to Amazon to copy the image link and go back to the website again.

    Can you imagine how much time it all took? I’ve heard about EasyAzon before but your video really made my decision. I am getting one!

    One question though – I noticed that you are using one tracking ID (I assume the general store ID), is that enough to know from which article or product the purchase was made from? For example, when I write about 5 products, I create a unique ID for each of them that goes like this “(post name)-(product name)-cta-20”, this way I know which product exactly pulled the trigger. Do you know what I mean?

    Thank you again for this post!!! Helpful as always.


  14. Hi Garen,

    I love that the Easyazon is a one off price, no monthly payments that keep dragging on your bottom line. You explain how it all works beautifully and getting all countries ID’s is a huge bonus.

    I think I will give the free version a go. Play with it and see if it suits my needs. Thanks for introducing me to it!



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