Flippa.com Review – Are They Worth Your Time?

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Flippa.com Review – Are They Worth Your Time?
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Flippa LogoName:  Flippa 
Price: Varies
Owners: Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz
Website: www.flippa.com

Flippa.com is my number one place to buy and sell websites.  I have used them multiple times.  I highly recommend Flippa.com to anyone looking to buy or sell a website.


Flippa.com ScreenshotI know the feeling of selling my first website. I think back in the beginning and it was all new to me at one point. There are a lot of options to buy and sell websites and usually, Flippa.com is the first one that comes to a lot of people’s mind. Let’s face it at the time of writing these 2 million transactions have been made on Flippa.

However, I want to get to the point about what you’re going to find in this Flippa.com review. I’m going to show you the pros and cons of using them, show who they are for, give you an inside look into their platform, discuss their customer support, go over their pricing. Then at the end of this Flippa.com review, I will write a summary.

Before I get started I did Google “Flippa.com review” and was surprised at some of the stuff I found. For instance, this article which is titled “Junk Websites and Scams A Flippa.com Review”. It was written by Dom Wells, who I do highly respect.  Also, this post by David Schneider (co-founder of Ninja Outreach) which was titled “How I Lost $650 on Flippa.com

Both of those guys Dom Wells and David Schneider I do highly respect. However, both of their articles seem to only focus on the negative things about Flippa.com. But, I would really be interested to read their response on my Flippa.com review (which was written in 2017) and see if they still feel the same way when they published those articles on Flippa.com.

Here is an overview of what you can find with my Flippa.com Review:

Flippa Pros & Cons.
Who Is Flippa For?
An Inside Look At Flippa.
Flippa.com’s Customer support.
Flippa Prices.

Flippa.com Pros

  • Solid reputation with webmasters.
  • Over 2,000,000 transactions.
  • Some sellers have profits in the millions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quickly sort through sites, domains, apps.
  • Can watch listings you want to keep an eye on.
  • If a listing doesn’t sell can post it again for free.
  • Uses an Escrow system.
  • Great messaging system.
  • Can leave feedback for transactions.
  • Flippa actively monitors accounts to look for anything fishy.
  • Can delay listings.
  • Can manually accept bidders or deny them.

Flippa.com Cons

  • Can get expensive listing websites and domain names.
  • Customer support is only supported ticket based.
  • Some very low-value websites on Flippa.com.
  • No affiliate program at this time.

Who Is Flippa.com For

Flippa is for anyone that is looking to buy or sell websites. A lot of entrepreneurs have made lots of money there and investors have found excellent websites that make their work that much easier. A lot of people are surprised to hear that you can buy and sell more than just websites on Flippa.com, too. For instance, you can buy and sell domain names and even apps.

An Inside Look At Flippa.com

Where should I start when showing you the ends and outs of Flippa.com?

Selling Websites

Well since SellWebsite.co focuses on selling websites I figure I should cover the interface for selling websites first. So, first, you’re going to want to click on the big green link in the top righthand corner called “Start Selling”. This is where you can sell the following products:

Flippa Start Selling

As the screenshot above shows you can sell websites, domain names, apps, and Amazon FBA. First, you click on the option you want and then put in your URL.

Basic Details

You’re going to enter in information about your website. You will enter the following:

  • When did the website go live?
  • What type of website are you selling?
  • Is your content unique?
  • Is your design unique?
  • Does your website receive any traffic? (can verify with Google Analytics.)
  • Revenue.

More Details

You want to include a title, summary, and notes that buyers would be interested in.

I highly suggest that you spend some time for your notes section.  This can really help when people are interested in purchasing your website.

Then, you click on whether you want your listing as an auction or classified. If you want an auction you can specify how many days your listing should be listed. Lastly, you enter your starting price, reserve, and then a buy it now price (if you want one).

Promote & Pay

This is where you pay for your listing and then promote your listing (if you want upgrades). You can add a non-disclosure agreement for $100. Also, you can make your listing private for $20.

Lastly, you’re going to have to verify your website before it’s listed. This is pretty easy to do. Basically, you just add some HTML to your header tag (which is my preferred way).

Buyer Websites

You can also buy websites on Flippa.com. This is done through the auction system.

Flippa Searches

It’s very easy to sort through websites that you might be looking to purchase. As, the above screenshot shows you can type in different keywords, sort by website age, monetization methods, monthly profits, and price range.

Additionally, there are some ways to search through Flippa listings. You click on “advanced settings”. This will let you search by:

  • Monthly users.
  • Monthly pageviews.
  • Time remaining.
  • Include (verified traffic, verified revenue, premium, reserve met, and buy it now.
  • Revenue sources.
  • Vertical.
  • Website types.
  • Auction or classified.

Buyer & Seller Profile

You do get a profile page with your Flippa.com account. This shows your feedback, how many transactions you have completed, your location, when you were last active, and how long you have been a member.

  • Additionally, you can verify your:
  • eMail address.
  • Phone number.
  • Full name.
  • Buyer certification.

You can also link your social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Again, I highly recommend you look at the buyer and sellers feedback before accepting any offers for your websites or deciding to bid on anything with Flippa.com.

Completion Area

Flippa Completion AreaWhenever a transaction is completed both the seller and the buyer will be prompted to the completion area. The seller will need to pay the success fee. This is 12% if you are using Flippa’s Escrow service. If you use PayPal (which I don’t recommend) the final value fee is 15%. During the completion time, you can communicate back and forth with the buyer or seller. You can discuss who is going to move the website, questions, etc.

If there is a problem on either end you can dispute the transaction. Lastly, you can leave the other person some feedback. I typically do not leave negative feedback for transactions. But, if you feel negative about the transaction I would suggest trying to reason with the other person before doing so.

How Is Flippa.com’s Customer Support

First, I want to say that I don’t have a problem with Flippa.com’s customer support. In the years that I have been selling websites and domain names with them, I have contacted their support a handful of times. Each time I do contact Flippa’s customer support it takes 20-30 minutes to get a response. Really, as I have stated this isn’t a huge deal with me.

Flippa.com does have a knowledgebase where a lot of common questions can be answered. It can be found at https://support.flippa.com/hc/en-us. If you do have a question you’re going to have to start a support ticket. This is done with Zendesk. It’s fairly simple to start a support ticket. As I have stated it usually does take 20 to 30 minutes to get a response. Here is a copy of one of my support tickets:

Flippa Customer Support

As you can see the quality of responses is decent, too. There isn’t a telephone number to call, which I probably wouldn’t use if they did have it though. However, I would kind of like to see a live chat feature for their customers that are having any issues. It wouldn’t be very hard to integrate into their website and I believe they would benefit a lot from it.

Overall, I am very happy with Flippa.com’s customer support, though.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Flippa.com

This is where the price tag is going to take some explaining.

With Flippa.com prices do fluctuate depending on what you’re selling.

Website Prices. In order to list a website for starter websites, it’s going to cost $19. There is a number of different upgrades. If you want your listing in front of more people for $79 you can pay for the “Show Off” listing. This includes the basic listing, bold listing title, website is featured on the homepage, and it’s highlighted in search results.

For $249 you can purchase their “Premium” listing. It comes with everything that the “Show Off” listing does, but is also emailed to 290,000 subscribers, always on top of normal listings, Tweet from @FlippaListings, comes with priority support, and stands out styling in the search results.

Domain Prices. In order to list a domain name, you can either do it as an auction or a classified ad. For an auction, it does cost $9. There are a number of different upgrades.

Final Thoughts

Do I recommend you use Flippa.com to buy and sell? Yes! It’s one of my favorite platforms to sell websites and domain names. I haven’t ever developed an app but it looks like people have a lot of success with that, too. My main focus is on selling websites with Flippa.com and domain names.

Now, as I mentioned at the start of this Flippa.com review there is some negative feedback when you Google “Flippa.com review”. Some feel that there are a lot of spam websites for sell on Flippa.com. You have to keep in mind this is from a buyers perspective, though. I don’t disagree that there are some spammy websites for sale on Flippa.

But, make sure you do your due diligence before purchasing any website on Flippa.com. Also, make sure you check the buyer’s feedback, too. Flippa does constantly monitor accounts and you don’t want to purchase a website that isn’t really getting the traffic it states. There is a dispute process if ever you feel you bought something that wasn’t what you were expecting, though.

I do love the user interface for selling websites and domain names on Flippa.com. There is a messaging system, and a lot you can do with Flippa.com. For people that are getting started, it might be a little overwhelming because there are some best practices that you need to follow for selling and buying websites.

Support is pretty decent with Flippa.com. They usually respond fairly quickly. However, the entire support system is ticket based. I do wish they would add a live chat feature.

As far as prices are concerned there are many different promotional services you can use. You can even upgrade your listing during your auction or buy little extras to give it a boost. Finally, I would always recommend using Flippa’s Escrow system to help safeguard yourself from fraudulent activity.

All and all, I have been using Flippa.com since April 2017 and have been very happy with hem.

Do you have questions that were not answered in this Flippa.com review? Let me know about it and I will leave you a response down below. I do want to hear your feedback on Flippa.com because it will strengthen this review. So, please if you have any experience with Flippa leave your comments down below.


Garen Arnold has been designing websites for a decade now. He sold his 8-year-old affiliate marketing niche site and founded SellWebsite.co to show people how to buy/sell websites and domains.

15 thoughts on “Flippa.com Review – Are They Worth Your Time?”

  1. I’ve been very happy with Flippa.com. Only been using them for 3 months, but did sell an affiliate website that I did abandon for $678. Was really surprised that I got that much money out of it. Good thing I didn’t let the domain name expire. If I would have I would have lost out on almost $700.

    • Sweet. Isn’t it nice how you can make nearly $700 from a niche site you lost interest in? I have sold a leopard gecko niche site that generated zero dollars for $400. It did get about 2,500 hits a month from Google, though. It wasn’t even monetized with any Amazon affiliate links, Clickbank products, etc.

  2. I wish I had tried to sell a website a few years ago. I couldn’t keep it up so I abandoned it and lost it forever. It was getting some traffic and small income. I probably could’ve got some nice money. But I knew nothing about selling websites. Didn’t even know about Flippa!

  3. I had heard of Flippa as a platform to sell domains only. I guess that’s big business for them. But selling websites…that’s news to me. I’m also guessing there are a lot of opportunities for buyers and sellers. You’ve mentioned you’ve sold a couple of your sites, but have you bought any? I’m now wondering if it’s a good idea to purchase a site that has traffic and put some affiliate links on it to generate some commissions quickly.

    • Yeah, I have purchased websites from Flippa.com before. Recently, I just purchased a website which I am publishing a YouTube video that is showing what I am doing to the website to flip it:

      It’s important to do your due diligence before purchasing any website from Flippa.com, though. Meaning, you want to find a website that is undervalued, has legit traffic, and legit revenue. Here is an article I wrote on valuing websites worth: https://sellwebsite.co/how-much-is-a-website-worth.

      Also, might also consider buying a website from other sites and selling them on different websites. Could get it for cheaper and then make some changes and sell it in a couple months. Check out this article for a list of websites you can buy and sell websites: https://sellwebsite.co/where-can-i-sell-my-website

  4. Last week, I took time to just do what I want. What I found was I gravitated to website design. Halfway through the week, I realized that’s what I enjoy doing… simply designing websites. Not specifically designed for others, but simply designing whatever I want for the heck of it.

    The revelation had me looking into selling pre-made websites. It brought me to a Quora article that mentioned Flippa. I have a host of websites I’ve been holding onto. Like Phil, I don’t want to let them expire. I keep thinking… what if? Yet they’re costing me money to hold onto. Maybe Flippa is the answer.

    • I can certainly relate to you on that. I don’t do work for clients anymore. I don’t really enjoy the process of creating websites for clients. Instead, I like 100% freedom to do whatever I want, how I want and don’t have to go back and forth with clients.

      Seriously, those sites that you have created might be worth a lot more than you think. I couldn’t believe someone paid $400 for my leopard gecko website that didn’t even generate any money.

  5. Thanks for a thorough review of Flippa.com. I’ve been thinking about using it to sell websites I no longer maintain, but still have plenty of converting content.

    I would love to hear more about your personal experience using them and selling you websites. Were you able to make more money than you expected, or just about what you expected? How is their valuation of a website calculated?


    • It’s a great idea to sell sites that you don’t maintain. Unless you would just rather get zero for them and let them expire.

      I can tell you about 2 sites I have sold on Flippa.com.

      The first one leopardgeckoland.com. It got about 3,000 unique visitors a month from Google. Didn’t actually generate any money. I sold that website for $400.

      The second one was tbwhs.com. It was a hosting review site. I had that site for about 8 years. It has made $65,000 in a year. However, the last 3-4 years it’s only made $10,000 to $4,000. So, I decided to sell the website since I didn’t have any more interest in the niche anymore. I got $4,000 for the website.

      Also, I have written an article on how you can manually see how much a website is worth. There are a lot of automated tools which I wouldn’t recommend using. Here is a link to that article: https://sellwebsite.co/how-much-is-a-website-worth

  6. To be 100% honest with you I don’t really care too much for Flippa.com. There are a lot of low-value websites for sale there. Most of them you could purchase for a couple hundred dollars but they aren’t really worth $25. Also, the final value fees are very high with Flippa.com.

    Not crazy about customer support either. Josh Wells is a very pushy, rude, and incompetent customer support agent. You have been warned not to use Flippa.com. Lastly, I did use them for almost 6 months and will never ever use them again!

    • I do agree there are lots of low-value sites on Flippa. However, it’s up to the buyer to do their due diligence before purchasing any website. Fees could certainly be lower. I haven’t had any issues with customer support, but I have read several articles and seen feedback where people weren’t exactly praising Flippa.com’s customer support.

  7. I’ve been selling websites on Flippa since 2013, and it’s hard to find another marketplace that brings website buyers and sellers in such a manner. It’s a good marketplace, though the fees could be better adjusted.

    • Good to see that you have been selling websites since 2013. The marketplace is really good. I do agree that the fees could be a little lower. There is a fee to post your site. Also, if you want it in front of lots of eyeballs it’s going to cost you another $249. Then you have to pay a final value fee. If you sell a website for $1,000 and use the promotion and pay the final value fee that is almost $400 right off the top. Maybe, in the upcoming years, Flippa will consider lowering their fees some.

  8. I’ve bought sites on Flippa.com before and I got to be honest with you. I wasn’t really that impressed with them. For starters, the quality of websites is very low. There are a lot of scammers on there. They put up fake stats of the Amazon affiliate sales, Google Search Console, etc. Accounts are quick to get banned at Flippa.com. I got mine banned the other day because I had two accounts.

    I feel cheated by Flippa.com and they have really left a bad taste in my mouth. Avoid!

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