How Much Is A Website Worth – Don’t Believe The Lies

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2019)

So, you want to know the age-old question, “How much is a website worth”?

A lot of people that are looking to sell their websites spend a lot of time searching the internet for the answer to this question. More often than not there is a lot of information that isn’t completely accurate on the internet.

For instance, I did a search on Google for “How much is a website worth” and one of the first things that showed up was  Now, I’m not slamming this site or anything.  I do think it’s a good idea and everything, but certainly, the information it provides isn’t set in stone.

I put in a website that I recently sold and saw that the website was worth $559. at

Also, I put in another website I recently sold and saw that it’s worth $18,373. at

Now, how can this website tell us how much our website is worth I wondered? Well, your website is measured by a number of metrics:

  • Estimated website traffic.
  • Estimated earnings.
  • Alexa rank.
  • User Experience & User Interface.

Ok, so the first thing is first. had my estimated website traffic way off. It stated that was getting 4,000 visitors a day which is really about 150 a day. Also, my estimated earnings were way off, too. For example, was said to be making $58/day which in reality was really more like $3.33/day. I recently sold for under $4,000 on (see my reviews) so I know it wasn’t really worth what this website stated it was worth.

Also, I sold for $385 and stated that it was worth $559. Also, the visitors per day and daily income were drastically off. didn’t really generate any money because it wasn’t monetized with AdSense or any affiliate links.

Therefore, I can say this. isn’t really a good tool for seeing how much your website is worth. Furthermore, there are lots of similar websites that you can put your sites URL in and it will give you an estimate of how much your website is worth. Pretty much every site I went to gave me a rough estimate and I really don’t believe they have much merit.

So, how can you really tell how much your website is worth?

First thing is first, it has to do with what kind of website you have. There really isn’t a simple tool that you can use and instantly know how much your website is worth. You need to consider the following things:

  • How much does your website make per month and year? Obviously, you’re going to want to create an Excel spreadsheet on your month and yearly earnings for your website. It’s been said that you can multiply your websites monthly profits by 24 to 36 times to give you the value of your website.
  • How much content do you have on your website? If you got 100,000 pages indexed in Google that is a lot more work than a website that has 10 pages indexed in Google. I like to multiply the pages of content (disregarding contact, about us, privacy policies, etc) and multiply that number by 15.  Bare in mind the content needs to be quality content, too.  Poorly written content or duplicate articles are not going to add any value to your website.  I consider indexed pages that have 1,000 words on each page to be valued at $15, too.
  • How many email subscribers? I would value an email subscriber at $1 per subscriber.  Obviously, hopefully, you didn’t do anything dodgy to get these subscribers or that will affect the value of your subscribers.
  • How many social followers do you have? I would value each follower on your social media profile at $.10 per follower.  This can drastically difference between different niches, though.
  • What are your net profits? Simply, deduct your hosting bill, domain registration, marketing services, etc. to get your net profit total.  Whoever buys your website is going to need to cover these expenses once they buy your website so you need to take that into consideration.
  • Is your monthly traffic rising or falling? Also, look into your Google Analytics to see if you’re traffic is increasing or decreasing. Sites that are increasing are going to be worth more than websites that are not increasing. Sites that are increasing will not be as valuable to buyers because they have to spend money on to increase the traffic.
  • How competitive is your niche? Lastly, just look at other websites in your niche. Are there lots of competing websites on Google? Do they charge a lot for certain keywords with Adwords?

So, to wrap it up let’s use as an example. It makes about $3.33/day. We will multiply that by 30 (which is halfway between 24-36). That equals $99.90.  Take $99.90 X 30 and you get $2,297.  There are 175 indexed pages on that website so multiply that by 15. That equals $2,625. The traffic was increasing and it’s in a competitive niche so I added a value of $1,000 for those two metrics.

So, $2,297 + $2,625 + $1,000 = $6,622. I was spending about $350 year for hosting, email mailers, etc. So, I would have valued that site at about $5,800 to $7,000 It did sell for $3,850 which was a great price for the buyer. I really could have sold the website for another $2,000, though.


As you can clearly see the tools online didn’t get the website value right at all. I should mention that I checked the website on various websites and got estimates of $7,000 to $23,000 (for None which are really in the right ballpark.  The same can be said about

These automated tools are not something you should really rely on. Instead, you’re going to want to use a manual metric that I provided in this article. That will give you a much more accurate formula to see how much your website is really worth?

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However, I would like to hear your feedback on what you do to figure out how much a website is worth? Do you have a way of checking to see how much you’re willing to buy/sell a website for? Please leave your comments down below.

Garen Arnold has been designing websites for a decade now. He sold his 8-year-old affiliate marketing niche site and founded to show people how to buy/sell websites and domains.

24 thoughts on “How Much Is A Website Worth – Don’t Believe The Lies”

  1. I think your manual metric is definitely much better. Many times we rely on automation a little too much and the results can be very far off as you mentioned.

    It is good to know that you really can make some good money selling your website if you put some effort into it and make it one that others see they can benefit from.

    Your metric is a very good formula for making an informed decision before purchasing or selling a website. Thanks for sharing.

    • I think we rely on automated tools to much in the “online” world. I come from a very strong SEO background and I have seen so many pointless tools that are all these automated programs. However, your brain is more of a valuable tool than some automated program.

  2. WHOA! This is a real eye-opener! I was always curious to know how the worth of a site was determined. Well…I can no longer claim ignorance.

    I think I actually let out a small shriek when I read that the amount of content is a key factor in determining the worth of your site. I mean, I know you can;t expect the big bucks from just having 50 posts, but I don’t think I ever thought of my site as having 100,000 + posts…gotta think bigger! I like that the calculation you gave is very simple, so you have really taken all the guesswork out of it. Thanks for sharing this information, Garen.

    • There are so many tools to check our website’s worth out there it gets kind of ridiculous.

      There are various tools that can help you build a massive site, though. That and people generating content for you will help you get your page count up there quicker, too. Plugins like WooCommerce and the ability to upload a .cvs files help.

  3. Measure twice cut once – really makes sense in this one if you’re into the website selling game. Knowing what your website is worth sure does make a difference in your own decision making.
    I found this very insightful. I have already shared this with a friend.

    • Thanks, I can’t stress the importance of planning before any online venture, especially website selling. In the beginning years of my affiliate marketing career, I rushed into a lot of stuff without fully thinking it through. When I sit back and think about it I wasted a lot of my time and was spinning my wheels for years, though.

  4. Wow, this makes me want to get busy and start doing more websites! I had never really thought about selling a website before. I only have one right now, and I am kind of attached to it 🙂 I can see that it would take time and dedication on a website before it is worthy of being sold. So, boy I would want to earn enough to recoup my time and effort. I guess I will have to start putting together some exceptional sites!

  5. The thought of selling my website has never come across my mind and I was really intrigued by this article, especially your manual way of calculating a website’s worth. I couldn’t resist the temptation to check out my website’s value and had to agree that it isn’t very realistic. But there is an element of fun and excitement in ‘knowing’ how much my website is worth.

    • Yeah, there are plenty of websites that give false numbers to check the value of your website. You may want to keep it in mind in case you ever do want to sell your website.

  6. Thank you for providing an awesome baseline for figuring how much to sell a website for. I too have had issues figuring out a price because I always get different quotes from websites. As far as selling on flippa, do you set the selling price yourself?

    • For selling on you can set a price (the lower the better). But, make sure you set a reserve price. I once sold a website for $11 because I forgot to set the reserve. Also, within the last 3-4 hours, you can always do a “buy it now” price.

  7. Thanks for this article. I just checked the price of my site on the page you’re talking about and I also did not agree with the results. Thanks for showing me how to do it manually.
    Now I know how much my site is worth.

    • Glad it helped. Automated tools are great, but they are not the best for evaluating how much your website is worth. Really, it’s about how much a buyer is willing to pay, too.

  8. I think that everyone should know their websites worth since this can help with their financial decisions.
    I also wonder about my friend’s site worth. He claims that he can sell it for $10,000. But he has only 20 indexed pages. I don’t know whether he makes sales or not but can this be possible? After reading your article I highly doubt it.

    • People say a lot of things in this “internet” world that we live in. While your friend might claim that he can sell his website for $10,000 it doesn’t really mean he can. 20 indexed pages would be worth $300 (20 x 15).

      It is possible if he was ranking for some very highly competitive keywords or keywords people were paying $15-25 per click. But, realistically probably just talking. It happens a lot in this internet age.

  9. This is pretty remarkable, because it makes me think about just how much my website is worth! I’m getting to the 1,000 a month mark from all revenue sources, and I’m gonna see how long that sustains. It’s exciting to think I could sell my site for 24-36K after some time! Then again, I could probably continue to make more money from it over time, so it’s really a question of how I want to invest my energy and time. thanks!

    • $1,000 a month is pretty good. Make sure you keep monetizing your website and building on it. You need to do it consistently. It’s always good to know that if you wanted you could sell your website for $30,000.

      For me, I like to build up a website and once the income is up I can sell them for thousands of dollars.

      Also, you could always sell your website for $30,000 and then do another version of it and improve some things you weren’t currently doing. Just keep rinsing and repeating the process 🙂

  10. Great info on how to value and how to sell websites. I have a few websites, and even though I have no intention of selling them, it’s good to know that if I did, I could get top dollar for them. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

    • I know I have done niches I lost interest in and was really surprised how much I sold those websites for. Don’t just let the domain names expire. Otherwise your just flushing money down the drain.

  11. Holy cow!! who knew that you could be sitting on a huge profit with your website? I have never considered selling one but this info may have swayed my thinking a little bit. Thank you for sharing your metrics. I may play around with them and see how it goes.

  12. Thank you for the information. A few weeks ago after came across your website, I became curious about the worth of my website and went online and google it. The worth of my website varied so much depending on the tool or website I went to. I like how you provided the manual way to figure out the worth of your website. I am going to try it. Thank you so much for the information. Very helpful.

    • Just remember these automated tools can only do so much. But, a better way to figure your websites worth is to do it manually. Just remember that the more revenue your website generates the more its worth. It might make perfect sense to hang on to a site for several months and get it generating more revenue before selling it.

  13. Hi Garen,

    Very interesting formula. I was looking at one of my own websites and was doing the numbers. One thing though… Multiplying your monthly profits by 24 to 36 months worth, that makes total sense.
    Looking at your example though, your site made $3.33 a day, which is $99.9 monthly, should you not multiply that with 24 to 36 months? If we use 30 months we are up to $2997 following the formula?
    Am I missing something or did I misunderstand, sorry just want to make sure I get it right?

    Thanks Garen, great read!!

    • Great to hear that you are looking at selling one of your websites. A lot of people are pretty surprised at websites are really worth. You could easily be sitting on a lot of money rather than just letting the domain expiring and never thinking twice about it.

      You are correct $99.90 X 30. I’m glad you pointed it out to me and I have updated the article.

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