Selling Domain Names On eBay – Guide To Doing It Correctly

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2019)

Alright, alright should you be selling domain names on eBay?

You may have noticed that for years eBay has had a section on their website where you can sell domain names. To be quite honest with you eBay is not what comes to mind when I think about domain names. With that being said domain names are for sale on eBay every day. Or possibly I should say domain names are being auctioned on eBay daily.

Now over the years, I’ve become a power seller on eBay. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes when selling domain names on eBay and I figured I would write an article that is going to talk about some of the best practices for selling domain names on eBay.

Before I get started I want to say that with eBay people are looking for bargains. This doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to sell your most high-value domain names there. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use eBay to sell domain names.

Know the value of your domain name

It’s imperative that you actually know how much your domain name is worth. To be quite honest with you there’s a lot of sites out there that give you in inaccurate figures on your domain names worth. I actually wrote an entire post about it; please see this article “How much is a website worth”.

Therefore going to is the most reliable way to check your domain names worth (at a glance). The IRS actually uses this site to appraise domain names.  It’s important to note that the Estibot value isn’t set in stone.  Instead, there are manual ways to check your domain names value.  I learned this when I took an awesome course at You can check a domain name once a day with a free account if you register with them. They do have paid plans to, which the prices are:

  • $29.95/month (150 queries a day).
  • $49.95/month (500 queries a day).
  • $99.95/month (5,000 queries a day).
  • $149.95/month (25,000 queries a day).

Look at other auctions

eBay Listing

Just studying what other people are doing when they sell their domain names can give you a huge advantage. You can look through successful sellers and their last soul domain names and just kind of mimic whatever they’re doing.

One mistake that I’ve made actually was I would start a seven-day bid at one penny (now and I ended up selling a domain name for $.28. I pretty much just gave that domain name away. Want to see proof of my mistake? Check out the screenshot below:

Cheap eBay Domain Sale

Yeah, sold for a whopping $.28. Good if you’re a buyer, but horrible if you are a seller.

eBay listing duration

This brings me to my next point I would do a seven-day auction. You can do a 10-day auction, but this will cost you a little bit of extra money. Whatever you have your domain name valued at make sure you sell it for less than half of what it’s worth. I would start an auction at $500 or $600 for the domain name if you have it valued at $1,000. Typically, I like to give people a good deal so a 50% to 60% starting price is a good starting point.

At the time of writing this eBay allows you to list 50 auctions per month for free. There’s really no rhyme or reason to when domain names are going to sell on eBay. You might have to list it multiple times. You could list it for 30 days with a “buy it now price” of about 50 to 60% of what it’s appraised for. Obviously, you can ask for more if you want, maybe the 70 to 80% range. Might have to play around with the numbers and see what works best for you.  Do keep in mind as I stated people are looking for bargains on eBay so your only selling it to liquidate your domain names you don’t want.

Listing Times

Listing times are very important on eBay.  Like any auction website (like Flippa) you want your auction in front of as many people as possible.  So, for listings I like to create them on Sunday, Saturday, and Wednesday at 7:00 (eastern time).  This will help your auctions get more exposure.  You can easily schedule them for anytime you want with eBay.

Featured listings

For a fee, you can feature your listing on eBay. This does cost you $49. I would recommend only doing this for domain names that you think you can sell for over $300.

Also, you can pay I believe a couple dollars to bold the text which does help when selling domain names on eBay. But I believe the featured listings is a fantastic way to promote your domain names on eBay.

Homepage featured

You can pay a hundred dollars for homepage featured listing. However, when I sell domain names on eBay I typically will not use the homepage featured upgrade. It really cuts into your profits too much and you could easily do two featured listing upgrades for $49 if you needed to.

Use HTML and pictures

eBay Description Domain

Don’t make the mistake of just using regular typography in your eBay auctions. I remember back in the 90’s people used to do that. This is a good spot where you can put your appraise domain price that you got from

Explain your domain a little in a bulleted list showing how you could brand that domain name. Then put an actual link to your website. Try to be creative and do something unique and more people will bid on your domain name auctions.

Create a mini site

You don’t have to create a full-blown site. In fact, I can hear the grumbles already but all you need to do is install a halfway decent looking WordPress theme. Then put some dummy text up and it looks a lot more I pleasing to people that are checking out your eBay auction.

Optionally you can offer them that theme. For me, I use Elegant Themes. That’s an $89 value, so it does give a little bit of an incentive to purchase that domain name. Optionally, you can sell a GPL licensed theme with the domain name.

Create a logo

eBay Logo ImageAs odd as it sounds you want to create a logo for your eBay auction. This doesn’t mean you’re going to have to spend several hundred of dollars to create a logo. In fact, I just use to create a halfway decent looking logo.

After I create a logo I didn’t save it to my computer. Then I go over to and create custom dimensions of 500 x 500. I have found that creating your logos with the color red seems to sell more for eBay, too. Red catches people’s eyes and a lot of huge companies like Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, Target, etc. use the color red primary.

Final words of wisdom

eBay isn’t my go-to strategy for selling domain names. As I’ve stated most people are looking for bargains on eBay. But if I have a handful of domain names that I’ve held onto for a while and I want to sell them for a reduced price I usually will post them on eBay.

However, I do highly recommend purchasing domain names on eBay if you would like to hold onto them or sell them on other auction sites.   In fact, I have actually gotten some decent domain names on eBay that I sold for 500% ROI.eBay Domain Names

Obviously, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to get rid of a domain name because when you make that mistake you often sell it for far less than what it’s actually worth. But I do love eBay for selling stuff and it is effective for domain names. You just need to follow the advice that is in this article and your chances of actually making decent money will increase drastically.

However, I’d like to hear about your experiences selling domain names on eBay. Please let me know what has worked for you what hasn’t worked. Leave your comments down below.

Garen Arnold has been designing websites for a decade now. He sold his 8-year-old affiliate marketing niche site and founded to show people how to buy/sell websites and domains.

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    • Yeah, there are many tactics for finding domain names with value. I like to look through which I can get lost for several hours at a time. There are a variety of filters you can use. You can search through expired domains (pay $10 for them) or even through marketplaces like, GoDaddy Auctions, and The domain names on marketplaces are going to be higher priced, though.

  1. I’ve never really had a lot of success selling my domain names on eBay. Only sold 2-3 of them on there in the last 3 years, though. I don’t really believe it’s worth the time of day to list your domain names on eBay, though.

    • Thanks for leaving your comment about your experiences with selling domain names on eBay. As I have stated it’s not my “go to” strategy by any means. However, if you want to try it out and understand that you’re going to get the lowest domain name value on eBay than you can do so.

  2. eBay didn’t exactly pop up in my mind when it comes to selling or flipping a domain name. I usually think of physical items being sold on their platform.

    With that being said, what are your thoughts on Flippa? Do you find yourself getting a lot more money on eBay for a domain in comparison?

  3. Thanks for the information. I myself do not see selling domains on eBay to be super lucrative, although I bet if you become a master at it, you could see some serious income. It is nice to know of another way to make money online.

    While right now I am more focused on making a niche website, I may consider checking this out when I have enough money to conduct some experiments.

    • I would much rather buy domain names on eBay, though. I have purchased some real gems and turned around and sold them in different marketplaces 🙂

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